MedFemTech Webinars

Women’s Health in Times of Armed Conflicts – A Global Perspective │ April 4, 2024

Dr. Michal Sela | Tatiana Kotlyarenko | Dr. Carmit klar-chalamish | Lee Sharir-Dolev | Dr. Ronell Klingman

Caring for Her Mind: Advancing Women’s Mental Heath │  January 16, 2024

Prof Dawn Sugarman | Prof Kristin Javaras | Prof Laura Payne | Prof Rachel Vanderkruik

MedFemTech Webinar: Ovaries – Tiny but mighty │  October 30, 2023

Prof Jennifer Garrison (The Buck Institute) | Dr Diana Torgersen (Organon) | Dr Ronell Klingman (Nogafem) | Prof Vikram Talaulikar (UCLH) | Dr Stasa Stankovic (University of Cambridge) | Maura Rosenfeld (MindUP)

The Inaugural MedFemTech Congress

Palais des congress, Paris, France │  May 9-10, 2023
Promoting emerging medical solutions for women to improve diagnostics and treatment

Session 1: Opening and Morning – Introduction and welcome

Prof. Zeev Shoham & Prof. Milton Leong, IVF-Worldwide  |  Dominique Busso, Forbes France  |  Gila Tolub, McKinsey & Company  |  Prof. Ran Balicer, Chief Innovation Officer, Clalit  |  Tiffany Starr McKever, Founder and Chief Strategist, Consensus Healthcare

Session 1: A Multi-faced Approach to Investing in Women’s Health Innovation

Dr. Sandy Milligan, Head of R&D at Organon

Session 1: Technology as an enabler for Innovation – How it is Revolutionizing Women’s Health Care

Dr. Martin Mienkina, Advanced Technology and Innovation Manager, GE HealthCare

Session 1: Redesigning Women’s Care through innovation

Prof. Ran Balicer, Chief Innovation Officer, Clalit

Session 1: Activating a Patient Leader’s Perspective in FemTech Innovations

Tiffany Starr McKever, Founder and Chief Strategist, Consensus Healthcare

Session 1: Macro considerations and how they affect the tech ecosystem in general and health tech specifically

Dina Pasca-Raz, Partner – Head of Technology, KPMG

MedFemTech 2023 – Session 2A – Menopause

Chair: Michal Shalem, Co-Founder, impact.51, the first women’s health startup studio

The Inaugural MedFemTech Congress